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This is a recap our our Mediterranean Cruise!  It was the best vacation as a family to date!!!  We were lucky that things went pretty seamless.  I would love to do it all again!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Sentiments...

     Well Mother's Day is right around the corner.  And here I am….celebrating my 5th one!  It has been such a special journey thus far.  I swear I love my kids more and more each day…and the rewards of motherhood only grow as each year passes.
    Yesterday when I picked up the kids from daycare, Michael spotted the gift that they made me.  He was so excited to tell me about it.  Conversely Aubreigh wanted it to be a surprise.  The two battled about it all the way to the car.  When I was buckling Michael in the seatbelt, he yells out "We made you a Picture Frame!"  Aubreigh immediately starts crying because he ruined the surprise.  So Immediately I played dumb, pretending I misheard Michael.  "Why would you guys get me Pickers?  I hate Picker Bushes!"  I don't know if she bought it, but she stopped crying for a big, so at least it helped:)

Aubreigh:  She is a bright and energetic 5 year old.  Actually both my kids are quite energetic and outgoing, which honestly shocks the heck out of me since I was super super shy.  Shy to the point where I was always wrapped around my mother's legs.  In fact today, I still have certain quirks that stem from it.  I call myself a phone-o-phone.  I hate the phone.  Absolutely hate it.  I always feel like i am bothering people and I never know when i should get off.  I also usually feel badly being the first to hang up etc.  I am much more in my element texting and email.  What a beautiful thing that technology is.  Ahhhh i digress…

Aubreigh has made me extremely proud this past year.  She has grown and matured so much.  Kindergarten has proved to be a wonderful adventure for her.  She is really doing quite well with reading.  I can't believe the explosion of words that she can recognize between now and December.  We have been reading this series of Junie B. Jones and have completed nearly 15 books so far.  She loves them, and so do I.  I love reading them to her and hearing her laugh and giggle.  She also amazes me with her comprehension.  She seriously knows more about the book than I do.  She can predict events and recall past situations from other books.  She seems to really be grounded and focused on work.  Her teacher told me that she is very social and friendly, but grounded as well.  I believe her quote was "She is her own person" which really means a lot to me.  Her teacher had all positive things to say about her.  I hope she keeps this same mentality as she approaches middle school when peer pressure really starts to rear its ugly head.  She can get a bit moody and jealous--especially of her brother.  She is a little bit of a drama queen.  And although i wish she could sometimes just roll with the punches a little more, I hear this is typical behavior of a 5 year old…and this is my Aubs and I love her for it!

Michael is going to be my class clown.  I think he is going to have a very easy going personality and make friends quickly.  Actually both kids are really great at going into a new situation and coming out with a friend.  It could be something as little as waiting in line for disney, and boom, here is a new friend of mine named so and so.  I think it is because they aren't really shy at all.  If they see something they want, they go after it.  And Michael has amazing eyes that you can just get lost in.  When this boy has a growth spurt, he is going to be a real heart breaker.  He is very animated and silly.  Always running around pretending that he is a super hero going to save the universe!  I think he also may have a passion for photography/videography like his mom.  Whenever i create a movie, he cannot wait to watch it.  He does like tv a bit too much though.  He also doesn't show the same interest in learning as Aubs did, however, i think this is just his boy behavior.  He does things that make me believe he has smarty pants potential…he is just to mature to realize it!

The one thing that I do love about both my children are that i believe they are both truly good and caring souls.  It upsets them if others are sad.  They feel sorry for those less fortunate.  And despite being spoiled, I do believe that they are truly appreciative of what they do have.  They are both very loving and tell me freely and often.  Another thing that i have noticed is that they really like boundaries and rules.  Sure, they may break them a lot and have to reap the consequences, but they like them.  How i know this is that they will constantly correct me if i am forgetting a rule, even if it is to their disadvantage.  They really are special kids, though.  They really really are.

Disclaimer:  If you come across this post and think I am a braggart, well I am.  I don't have this post set to private, but I don't think really anyone reads my blog anyways.  I just come across it every so often and read an old post that i really enjoy and realize I need to write a bit more.  Not like "everyday" more, because that would just be boring.  But at least a few times a year more.  My babies are growing so fast and I do a lot to preserve them.  And truth be told, I worry that someday I won't be around for them.  I realize that I am never promised tomorrow.  If something unexpected should happen, I want them to "know" their mother.  To know how much I cherish them and how they mean the world to me.  I want them to know that i am a bit silly, and try not to take life to seriously.  That I love being creative and tend to overdo everything.  Not because i am in a competition, but just because I love to push myself-ok, maybe i have a few issues with overdoing thing…lol.  I love the simple things in life like silly smiles and bedtime stories.  My heart melts every time they say "I love you" even if there are ulterior motives.  To know that I am generous and giving despite that I like to save a buck and buy nearly everything on sale and visit Goodwill frequently.  I want them to have great memories and maybe know a little bit more about why they are so great.  They weren't great just because it was Disney World or that i had a great camera and made great videos or that they got a mountain of gifts of christmas. It was great because I loved doing it…and I loved them and it was all this crazy love that made things this way.  And that these memories were great because we were happy.  And that happiness was not just handed to us.  We worked hard to make things this way.  We worked very hard to be this Family and it is something to never take for granted.  I think at her young age of 5, Aubs gets most of this.  She remind me often and sincerely that out of all things in life…."your family is the most important."

Ok enough sentiment.  I just had to get this down since apparently Facebook made a prediction that I would die in 2015 and I have to cover my bases, ya know?  And it never hurts to write a nice sentiment to reflect upon….in like 2025 when i can laugh at Facebooks prediction despite the fact that it wreaks havoc on my mind 24/7 now.  Oh and kids did you get that?  Your mom was a little bit of a cray cray too!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mom Mom Jean

Happy Birthday Mom Mom Jean.  Click Play and then at the bottom right there is a square that will make the video full screen

It is mom mom jean's 71st birthday and we have compiled a little slide show for her!  Check it out!  Click on the link below and after hitting play, click on the square in the lower right corner to enlarge it!

Friday, July 20, 2012

This is a tribute to my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.  After clicking on Play, click on the square at the bottom right hand corner to enlarge to fit your screen.

Enjoy!  Some of the pics are classics!